Who We Are

Daybreak Leadership Club was formed in 1990 within the Daybreak Toastmasters Club. In the midst of other formal Toastmaster groups (where it was frowned on if you didn’t wear a jacket) Daybreak Toastmasters was a breath of fresh air, an informal but welcoming and warm club (dating from 1987). 

Not much has changed and meetings have continued to be fun, with laughter the currency of communication.

We have had ongoing success and have the unique distinction of two world champions of public speaking amongst our alumni. David Nottage won the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 1995. Morgan McArthur won in 1996. Many of our other members have competed at regional and national levels.

Our Mission
To extend the capabilities of our members to be articulate, influential leaders in every part of their lives.

We do this by advancing public speaking, communication and leadership skills within a mutually supportive and positive learning club environment of support and good humour. Every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

We are about “Developing the Leader” in our members.

Letter from our President
Welcome, and thanks for considering Daybreak as the means to help you develop your speaking, listening, and leadership capability. I look forward to your joining us at our next meeting, where you are welcome to simply observe, or you may want to accept the opportunity to speak, the choice is yours.

We meet every Wednesday fortnight at the Parnell Community Centre, Parnell Road. Breakfast is served from 6.50am, we finish at 8.20 sharp.

There is a $15 charge to cover venue, breakfast, tea and coffee. You are free to visit us a few times and should you choose to join there is a subscription of $85 six-monthly.

Daybreak, established in 1987, is a group of people with a wide range of speaking ability, we have diversity in age, gender, profession, ethnicity, and birthplace. Some members are accomplished presenters and speakers, whilst others are absolute beginners. We strive to provide our members and guests with a learning experience that has the right blend of humour and rigour, in a supportive environment. We make every effort to deliver an enjoyable and learning experience for everyone.

Although many join Daybreak to develop confidence in speaking to groups, others take the opportunity to develop their leadership capability. The learning curriculum offers two distinct learning tracks – Communication and Leadership. A new member’s first objective is to present 10 speeches, which may take a year or longer, under the guidance of a mentor.

You are welcome to visit at any time. If you would like to learn more, please give me a bell!

Kind Regards
The Executive Team at Daybreak

2017/18 Committee
Emma Armitage (President)

Kuan Chen (Secretary)

Bryn Thomson (VP Education)

Dave Syder (VP Membership)

Robyn Fallon (VP Mentoring)

Chris Carter (VP Public Relations)

Daniel Bates (Sgt at Arms)

Krishna Guda (Treasurer)
Donald Jessep (Immediate Past President)